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What is Collateral Network?

Collateral Network is a global Software as a Service (SAAS) protocol leveraging blockchain technology to connect borrowers and lenders, offering a decentralized platform for asset-based lending, digital loans, and borrowing and lending activities.

Is Collateral Network a Lender or Borrower?

Collateral Network is neither a lender nor a borrower. It functions as a bridge, connecting those wanting to borrow and those wanting to lend. It does not provide financial advice and is not a financial advisor. The platform facilitates transactions between parties without directly engaging in lending or borrowing.

How does Collateral Network work?

Collateral Network provides a platform where physical and digital assets can be placed for lenders to invest at the relevant LTV of the asset value, ensuring sufficient margin. It enables lenders and borrowers to come together, transact, and engage in lending activities.

What is the purpose of the COLT token?

The COLT token serves as a utility within the Collateral Network, allowing holders to enjoy reduced platform fees, governance participation, tier-based discounts, staking opportunities, and access to private auctions.

Where can I buy COLT tokens?

COLT tokens can be bought directly from the Collateral Network platform during the presale and on various listed exchanges post-presale.

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